Dahlia Decorative

Pacific Ocean

*Available August through to December*
  • 80-90cm

  • 5-10cm

  • Full Sun

Pacific Ocean Dahlias are a lovely, compact variety.

A bicolour with real style, this scintillating dahlia features a soft yellow hue washed in rosy pink at the tip of each petal. Flowering in abundance on the80cm plant, the 8-10cm blooms really glow in borders, containers and bouquets. A very productive bloomer that grows quickly.


Dahlia’s are well known for their large flowers with soft rounded florets. Flowering up to 120 cm tall they are very easy to grow and provide a rewarding display with very little effort. Plant the tubers with the main growing tips just below the surface of the soil. Firm the soil around the tubers, being careful not to damage them.

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