Purple Passion

Purple Passion Asparagus is a unique variety especially suited to the asparagus enthusiast -  whether home gardener or commercial grower.

Its attractive purple colour, flavour and tenderness distinguish this variety from others.

When cooked, the bright purple colour is reduced, but when served fresh in salads it provides a colourful and flavourful accent.

Asparagus are true perennials and are almost everlasting in the garden with established beds, lasting at least twenty years and more.

Asparagus are true perennials and are almost everlasting in the garden -  lasting well over 20 years!

Asparagus Crowns can be planted anytime from early August through to late November, and will reward you with deliciousness for years to come!

 Asparagus Planting instructions:
- Select a nice and sunny permanent position, ensuring that all grass, roots, and Oxalis etc are completely removed... we don't want the Asparagus to be competing with weeds.

- It's important that the bed be raised 10-12cm above the surrounding garden to ensure good drainage.

- Prior to planting, work in some compost, well rotted manure, or a good dressing of blood and bone fertilizer.

- To plant the crowns, open up a 15 cm wide trench 7-8 cm deep and place crowns 45 cm a part with roots spread out in star fashion. Replace the soil covering the crowns. Keep your rows 60-80 cm a part.

 For a full overview of how to plant Asparagus visit our Gardeners Guide.

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