Paeony Itoh

Cora Louise

*Available May through to July*
Paeonies (Peonies) are the true garden Aristocrats - these incredible plants are always strong in demand. Their GIANT, luscious blooms, and lovely foliage make them a real head turner in any garden. Paeonies thrive in frosty, cold areas, and are incredibly drought tolerant during the Summer months - in fact, it's recommended not to water these during the Summer! Paeonies do best in places situated South of Taupo, however with care (for instance dumping ice on their roots during the growth period) can be grown in the North. The big fleshy roots are completely dormant in Winter and in early Spring emerges rapidly growing stems, bearing 1-3 flower buds - these then develop slowly into gigantic blooms, up to 18cm across. Paeonies are best left undisturbed in the ground - As they grown, they will take up an area of approx 1m2. Happy Gardening!!


5cm below the surface

Full sun to light shade

60cm apart

For a full overview of how to plant Paeonies visit our Gardeners Guide.

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