*Available January through to April*
  • 20-25cm

  • 3-5cm

  • Part Shade

Muscari Plumosum - Unlike any other Muscari, this incredible version (also known as the Feather Grape Hyacinth) blooms with plumes of purple feathery flowers.

They’re much bigger than ordinary Muscari too, flowering around 30cm in height.


Muscari, or Grape hyacinths as they’re often referred to,  make outstanding border plants, and are fantastic for Naturalising.

We recommend to always plant plenty of bulbs (at least 25) in a group to obtain the best visual effect. A spot under deciduous shrubs is another place where grape hyacinths will be attractive.

After all, the flowering period for grape hyacinths comes at a time when the shrubs are still bare.

Using grape hyacinths as bedding plants is not done so often anymore, although they are obviously perfect for fulfilling this role. For such a massive color effect, they have to be planted closely together. Bedding arrangements using combinations of late-flowering yellow daffodils and red tulips, for example, are very pretty.

Muscari are also perfect for planting in containers. All kinds of combinations are imaginable, but one of our favourite combinations is the use of miniature daffodils and low-flowering tulips.

For a full overview of how to plant Muscari visit our Gardeners Guide.


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