Snowdrops Elwesii

*Available January through to April*
  • 20-25cm

  • 8-10cm

  • Part Shade

Galanthus Elwesii, also referred to as the Giant Snowdrop, or Greater Snowdrop, was named after the English plant collector who found the original plants in Turkey - H.J. Elwes.

Unlike other snowdrops, the leaves of Galanthus elwesii neatly fold inside the other. The flowers have two green spots on the inner petals, which sometimes fuse together.

In our humble opinion, Galanthus Elwesii is far superior to the common Nivaldi Snowdrop - taller, hardier, and more floriferous. 

Giant Snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii) is both the largest and the earliest of the Snowdrops. The blooms stay closed on cloudy days and flare widely in sunshine

Daffodils are among the showiest and easiest to grow of Spring flowering bulbs. Available in an incredible array of colours and shapes, they are ideal for the Spring flower garden. 

Prepare the soil deeply, mixing in compost, or our Bulb Fertilizer, preferably in a sunny, free draining position.

Daffodil bulbs are best planted in bold clumps, 8-10cm deep and 10-15cm apart.

If drainage is a problem, plant shallower, and mound 7-10cm of soil over the bulbs.

For a full overview of how to plant Daffodils visit our Gardeners Guide.

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