Tulip Peony


*Available January through to April*
  • 30-50cm

  • 8-10cm

  • Full Sun


A spectacular new vintage styled variety - Wyndham Tulips are sure to be the new rage for 2021!

Similar in tones to 'Spitsbergen' Tulips, but being a double (Peony) formed Tulip, looks even more beautiful - despite the fullness of the blooms, they hold up well on strong stems.


Flowering around 45cm in height.


A lovely Midseason variety.

Tulips love colder climates, but also do incredibly well in warmer climates (even as far North as the Cape!)  - if you don’t have a cold climate like ourselves, we recommend chilling your Tulip Bulbs for 6 to 8 weeks prior to planting. This will trick them into thinking they are having their Winter period, and prolong their stems and Flowering period.

For a full overview of how to plant Tulips visit our Gardeners Guide.

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