Yacon Crown

*Available August through to December*
  • 150-200cm

  • 4-5cm

  • Full Sun

Yacon is taking the world by storm - it's a delicious, unique tasting vegetable, best known for being a prebiotic superfood.

This particular strain of Yacon has been many years in the making - selective breeding by some of NZ's best, has created a breed which is believed to have the highest percentage of healthy Fructooligosaccharides in the world... in other words, it's great for gut health.

Yacon Tubers (which grow from the crowns) are delicious eaten raw - they have a sweet, juicy, apple-like flavouring, with a lovely crunch (I'm eating one sliced up as I write this!).

Perfect for adding into salads, coleslaws, or juicing.


Yacon should be planted around October - they will grow into a lovely tall 2m plant.

Once the plant dies back, that's when you can get in and harvest the Tubers (Tubers are the edible part... you want to keep the crown to regrow for next season)


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