Bearded Iris Planting Guide

Bearded Irises are elegant and colourful - With a little know-how, you can grace your garden with long-lasting, ever-multiplying blooms for years to come.

To perform at their best, Bearded Irises require full sun for at least half a day in summer - insufficient sun over the summer period will dramatically hinder the flower production. If possible, full sun is preferred.

Bearded Irises don't tend to like humidity, but they love frosts!

Bearded Iris Planting instructions:

You should plant your rhizome, so that part of it is still exposed, or with no more than 1-2cm of soil over the rhizome. The reason we plant them in this manner, is they need to be exposed to both the heat of the Summer, and the cold of the Winter (if you're in the North, and you have planted in full sun, then 1-2cm of soil over the top is recommended)

It's important not to mulch over the top of Irises, as the moisture retention can cause rot.

When it comes to watering, our motto for Bearded Irises is that less is more... they are fairly drought tolerant plants once established and many will generally survive with no Summer watering. If you do water them, they should not be watered any more than every 2 weeks or so in dry periods.

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