Tuberose Growing Guide

Tuberose, or Polianthes Tuberosa, is a heavenly scented Mexican Native variety - If you're a gardener who loves scent, you'll fall in love with Tuberose!

The delicious sweet fragrance of Tuberose is found in a vast array of perfumes as a middle note... when you smell these beauties you'll understand why.

Tuberose bulbs produce tall flower spikes with numerous tubular blooms that are fantastic as a cutflower.

Tuberose do best in warm areas of the garden (or patio) in full sun.


Tuberose Planting instructions...

  • Find a nice sunny spot in your garden with good drainage - the sunnier the better! Dig in in some well rotted manure, and a sprinkling of our Bulb fert.
  • Loosen the soil to a depth of around 20cm, and plant your Bulb pointy side up, at around 4-5cm deep (The tuberose bulbs we sell are actually nice clumps of Bulbs, so you'll get a lovely display come late Summer!)
  • Once planted, give your Tuberose a generous watering- this will settle the soil, and give them the jump start they require. You should expect to see growth within a few weeks (colder areas will take longer)
  • Water fairly regularly during the growing season if the rain has evaded you (a decent watering once a week is much better than lighter drinks )
  • Tuberose plants are heavy feeders, so we recommend a side dressing once the leaves have appeared (the blooms will thank you for it!) 

Tuberose generally flower late in the summer, so it's a lovely addition when many varieties have finished blooming. Generally speaking, we would expect them to bloom 90-120 days after planting.


Tuberose are a fantastic cut-flower, so if you're wanting to bring those delicious scented blooms inside... go for it! As with all flowers, it's recommended to pick them in the morning or evening (not during the heat of the day). This will ensure your blooms last as long as possible.

After blooming has finished for the season leave the foliage in place; don't cut it off.

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