Crinum Growing Guide

Deliciously fragrant, Crinums are a lovely addition to the Summer garden - their robust, tall stems are adorned with large, trumpet-like blooms.

Crinums perform best in moist, but free draining soils, in full sun to part shade.

Crinums can grow to a staggering 90-120cm, and 30-60cm wide, so its essential to leave space for them.

Planting instructions...

  • Find a nice and Sunny spot in the garden - the soil needs to be relatively free draining, as you don't want them to rot.
  • Loosen the soil to a depth of around 20cm, and dig in some Bulb fert, or well rotted organic matter.
  • Plant the bulbs so that they are at least 30cm apart (they get fairly large!). Bury the bulb up to the place where the stem emerges from the "neck" of the bulb (The stem should be above the ground and the neck should be under the soil)

During the first summer of growth,  keep them watered (try to keep the soil around the bulbs lightly moist) 

Once Crinums are established (a year or so after first planted) they are relatively drought tolerant, so watering is no longer required. Potted Crinums need to be watered frequently to keep the soil consistently moist.

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