Mexican Tuberose

*Available August through to December*
  • 50-60cm

  • 4-5cm

  • Full Sun

Stunningly scented single flowering variety - the heavenly sweet scent of Tuberose is found in a vast array of perfumes as a middle note... when you smell these beauties you'll understand why!

The perfect cutflower.


Plant in a location that gets full sun for about 6-8 hours during the day. Tuberose bulbs are best planted in early spring, and need well draining soil. If you wish to increase the nutrients of your soils, add some compost... your bulbs will thank you for it! Ideally, the bulbs would be planted 5cm below the surface of the soil, and 15-20cm apart. Give the soil around the bulbs a good dousing of water to settle the soil. Before the growing tips start to emerge, we recommend adding a scattering of general purpose fertilizer. Growth will be visible within 3 weeks... ENJOY!

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